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Developing Effective Communication Skills Module is a Course

Developing Effective Communication Skills Module



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In this module, you will focus on developing practical communication skills. Being able to communicate effectively orally and through your writing is a skill that will serve you well personally and professionally. Communication is one of the most desired skills by employers. Papers and presentations are incredible opportunities for you to develop your communication skills.

There is a concept in the world of public speaking called theĀ Golden Rule that involves the following.

  1. Telling the audience what you are going to say
  2. Saying it
  3. Telling the audience what you just said

By using this approach, your presentation includes a strong opening and conclusion.

This module is complimentary and will take approximately 15 hours to complete.

This online self-paced module is non-credit bearing, avocational, and not part of a DeVry University or Keller Graduate School of Management program of study. This module is provided to help you develop or enhance your skills. Completion of this module does not lead to employment.

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